What is Web Analytics?

What is Web Analytics?


Once you have a website, you want to know who is visiting it. This is where cookies typically come in. There are certain cookies you can use which tell you who is visiting your site, which pages they are looking at, and how long they are on each page. These cookies can provide you with some analysis of your website, and they are called Analytics.

There are two major forms of online Analytics. There is Google Analytics, and there is Mozilla’s SEO Analytics. Moz SEO is a little expensive, but it is definitely worth it when you get to that point.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics, on the other hand, is free! It is a great starting point. It will show you what people are finding useful on your website so that you can make more of that. I highly recommend it.

You sign in with your Google email account. You tell them what the domain name is for your website. Then they give you a code which you put into the header of your document. That header code is called on every page of your website. Then it is just a matter of tracking that data over time.

The Icing on Top of the Cake

Adding Analytics to your page is the last step before your site goes online, but it is a necessary step to have so that you don’t feel like no one can find your site.

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